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suffering from vaginal atrophy to a better, less stressful treatment that is managed by you monthly at home.

Invest in your wellness & be confident!.

What is Vaginal Atrophy?

Vaginal Atrophy is a thinning & inflammation of the vaginal walls that is a consequence of reduced oestrogen production.


70% of Breast Cancer Survivors (BCSs) will also suffer from Vaginal Atrophy due to the side effects of chemotherapy.


Approximately 80% of all women suffer from vaginal atrophy at some point during their lifetime.

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Facts about Vaginal Atrophy

82 %
of women

say vaginal atrophy has a negative impact on their life. 

66 %
of women

avoid sexual intimacy

The AVeta Pledge

AVeta Medical is on a mission to empower women to end their suffering
of vaginal atrophy in silence and live healthier and happy lives

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About Us

We are offering women a revolutionary device – an affordable, hormone-free, monthly solution that treats the underlying condition of vaginal atrophy. We are targeting the 3.6m women; Postmenopausal Women & Breast Cancer Survivors who reject existing treatments (Over the Counter products & Hormonal Therapy) & have no other alternative option. Additionally, there are 6m women vaginal atrophy sufferers who are unhappy with current pharmaceutical options but have no other option to change to.



postmenopausal women & Breast Cancer survivors who reject existing treatments (Over the counter products and hormonal therapy) & have no other option



Vaginal atrophy sufferers who are unhappy with current pharmaceutical options and have no other option to

change to.

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AVeta is a device designed by women for women, hormone free, safe, affordable, science backed & based on natural healing. Suitable for ALL women.

CEO & Founder

Paula Newell

CEO & Founder



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I strongly believe, that vaginal atrophy does not need to be treated as an inevitable part of growing older or as a consequence of undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer survivors.  We want women sufferers of vaginal atrophy & clinical prescribers to see the AVeta treatment as a “Need” to have rather than a “Nice” to have.  I want to change the “taboo of woman’s health issues” into positive and shared experiences, celebrate & encourage women to talk more openly about womanhood & vaginal atrophy so that I can recognise and create solutions to the issues that matter most to women.


The AVeta team & I are campaigning to transform woman’s health & remove the stigma that women’s bodies have been shrouded in taboo for centuries. Normalising conversations will hopefully allow women to understand their bodies, giving them the freedom to live happier, healthier lives.


AVeta Medical wants to empower women suffering from vaginal atrophy to a better, less stressful treatment that treats the underlying condition & can be managed, monthly in the comfort of your own home. Invest in your Wellness & be Confident with AVeta. A medical device designed for women by women.


A Revolutionary Device to treat Vaginal Atrophy for All Women

A treatment that fits in with your daily life to create a stronger you


A simple, safe, affordable treatment that is suitable for all women


A medical device that allows you to recover, repair your body, safely, without hormonal treatment


A treatment that targets vaginal atrophy naturally, with no drugs


No more stress, pain or anxiety worrying about the health risks & side effects associated with hormonal treatment


A treatment that is validated & prescribed by doctors


A treatment that takes the stress out of going to the clinic or pharmacy frequently


You can be treated in the privacy & security of your own home


A treatment that only takes 15 minutes a month

AVeta medical device product image.

Patient Pathway

AVeta Medical's patient pathway diagram


"This is what I am looking for- easy to use, takes 15 minutes and I choose when to administer it. The pain will be gone naturally & I will feel more confident in my body"


Breast Cancer Survivor

"This sounds like a wonderful device. Easy to use. No messiness, affordable & safe. An awesome device that is convenient to use at home. Win win"


Postmenopausal Women Sufferer of Vaginal Atrophy

"I stress about the pain that I will feel after sex... but my partner and I will be able to enjoy sleeping together again"


Postmenopausal Women Sufferer of Vaginal Atrophy

“Being in my mid fifties and postmenopausal, vaginal dryness has been a huge issue making sex extremely uncomfortable. I have never had this issue in my life. I’m really glad I heard about this device & will give it a try when available”


Postmenopausal Women Sufferer of Vaginal Atrophy

“I am looking for a safe, natural product to treat vaginal atrophy that I don’t have to worry about the side effects & health risks associated with hormones, AVeta could be the solution”


Breast Cancer Survivor

“I never thought I'd find a solution for my vaginal dryness and discomfort. I was forced into menopause by a complete hysterectomy in 2015 and have suffered since then. Prescribed hormone after hormone therapy and developed cystic tumors in my breasts. From there I've been on my own, I need a hormone free solution that works”


Breast Cancer Survivor

Development to Date

International Clinical & Scientific Advisory Team

The AVeta solution is endorsed by world Key Opinion Leaders, Clinicians in the field of Menopause, Vaginal Atrophy & Breast Cancer survival side effects.

AVeta Recent News


Paula Newell, AVeta Medica’s founder and chief exeuctive: ‘There’s a reason why the ‘A’ and ‘V’ in our title are capitalised. With ‘AV’, we’ve got two letters that reverse vaginal atrophy, and that’s what we want to do.’


Five Irish startup companies have been recommended for more than €20.5m in funding from the first European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator call. The funds are made available under Horizon Europe – the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation.


The ONLY simple, hormone free, safe, affordable treatment that is suitable for ALL women

Addresses the underlying cause of Vaginal Atrophy

Prescribed by clinician with regular follow up

Non-Hormonal device solution that can be self administered at home


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